Go Paperless!

Norwich Lumber customers can now partner with us to protect and preserve the environment by selecting our Paperless Billing Option (PBO) With PBO, customers will receive their monthly statement by email on the first of each month, and will have access to all individual invoices through our existing iNet program. iNet allows customers to view (and print if desired) their current invoices as well as all archived invoices back to 2006. Customers receiving deliveries or picking up material at Norwich Lumber will still receive a printed invoice.

Why PBO?

* Saves Time – no waiting for “snail mail” to arrive.

* Saves Paper – reduces number of trees harvested for paper production

* Reduces Waste – keeps paper products out of our landfills

* Convenience – 24/7 instant access to your invoices and other account information through iNet.

It’s “Green” and what’s good for our environment is good for all of us.

How to register: It’s easy! Just send an email through the Contact link on our home page and put PBO and your account number in the comments box. We’ll register you right away. Many of our customers are already using iNet , but if you have not yet registered, click on the link on our home page at www.norwichlumber.com and follow the prompts. For further information or assistance  our main bookkeeping department at 631-325-0303 ext 138.

We thank you for your business and encourage you to go paperless with Norwich Lumber’s Paperless Billing Option!