Why Norwich Lumber?


Norwich Lumber is a family-owned lumber and building supply company in business since 1946. We support the communities where we earn our living with our time and contributions.

Our Pledge to Our Customers

All our customers will be treated fairly and with respect.

Good will is part of every sale.

Every member of our team is expected to pledge to keep the customer first and foremost regardless of his or her job. Helping you is the most important thing we have to do today.

We will respond to our customers’ needs in a prompt, courteous manner.

Quality of our materials meets or exceeds industry standards.

We will charge a fair price for our products and services. We place the value of long-term relationships above that of short-term profit.

FREE same day delivery is available in most cases for items in our regular inventory.

All personnel will undergo regular training with a focus on new products and technology.

Quotes and estimates will be returned to you in the shortest time possible.

We will utilize the latest in information and communication technologies to provide accurate and timely interaction with our customers.

We will do our work safely. The safety of our employees, customers, and the public will always supersede the need for expedience.

We will strive to make the customer experience at Norwich Lumber the absolute best that it can be. Period.